Yaw Sarpong, MD


Professional Biography

Dr. Yaw Sarpong is a neurosurgeon who specializes in spine surgery. He obtained his medical degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and finished his neurosurgery training at the University of Missouri- Columbia. While at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he obtained a fellowship in Bio-Design and Bio-Innovation. This degree allowed him to marry his knowledge of medicine with development of cutting edge technology and as a result, he holds several patents. This degree also guides his practice and he uses cutting edge and innovative technology to manage and treat spinal pathology. He also ensures that his practice is innovative and at the forefront of emerging spinal technologies and treatment.


Emory University, 2003

Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine, 2008

University of Washington, Department of General Surgery, 2009

University of Washington, Department of Neurosurgery, 2011

George Washington University, Executive MBA in Healthcare, 2014

University of Missouri, BioDesign and BioInnovation Fellowship, 2015

University of Missouri, Neurosurgery Residency, 2017


  • Neurosurgical Representative of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Trauma Board 
  • Neurosurgical Representative of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Critical Care Committee 
  • Tensive Controls Inc., BioDesign/BioInnovation Firm, Board Member University of Missouri Resident Minority Group, President 
  • Member of University of Missouri Neurosurgery Program Evaluation Committee 
  • Physician Mentor for University of Missouri’s SNMA members 
  • Medical Advisor for Plaintiff-Intervenors in TennCare Case 07/04-09/04 Vanderbilt University Summer Medical Education Program (SMEP) Program Director
  • Board Member for Shade Tree Clinic, Vanderbilt University Free Clinic
  • Vice-President of Emory University’s Kappa Omega Chapter

Published Works

  • Remple MS, Sarpong Y, Neimat JS. Frontiers in the Surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease. Expert Rev. Neurother. 2008 Jun; 8(6):897-906. Sarpong Y, Avellino A, Dagal A, Sharar S. Safety of Electronic Home Monitoring Devices In the Operating Room. The Internet Journal of Anesthesiology. 2010 Volume 29 Number 1. 
  • Walcott BP, Nahed BV, Sarpong Y, Kahle KT, Sekhar LN,Ferreira MJ. Incidence of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak following Petrosectomy and analysis of avoidance techniques. J Clin Neurosci. 2012 Jan; 19(1); 92-4. 
  • Sarpong Y, Litofsky MB, Litofsky N. A Paradigm Shift In the Radiation Treatment of Brain Metastases. Journal of Tumor 2014 October 18 2(9); 240-242 
  • Sarpong Y, Ryder J, Litofsky N. Augmentation of Patient Health Care Choices for Morbid Obesity by Use of Computer Decision Analysis. J Computer Science System Biology 2014, 7.4. 
  • Bartels A, Sarpong Y, Coberly J, Hughes N, Litofsky S, Hammer R, Ahmad S. Failure of the Platelet Function Assay (PFA) -100 to Detect Antiplatelet Agents. Surgery (Ref.: Ms. No. 15-CSA-22R3 ) 
  • Litofsky S, Sarpong Y. “Neuro-Oncological Problems in the Intensive Care Unit.” Rippe and Irwin’s Intensive Care Medicine. 8th Ed. Philadelphia: 2017 Sarpong Y, Litofsky NS. When Less is More- the Value of Stereotactic Biopsy for Diagnosis in the Era of Cytoreductive Neuro-Oncology. Journal of Tumor. 2016 April; 4(2): 374-377. 
  • Sarpong Y, Nattanmai P, Schelp G, Bell R, Premkumar K, Stapleton E, McCormick A, Newey CR. Improvement in Quality Metrics Outcomes and Patient and Family Satisfaction in a Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit after Creation of a Dedicated Neurocritical Care Team. Critical Care Research and Practice Volume 2017 (Article ID 6394105). 

Advanced Training/Specialties

  • Coulter Rolling Grant -$25,000 to complete computer algorithm for pill identification 
  • Coulter Rolling Grant-$50,000 for mass production and marketing of newly developed Instrument Assisted Tissue Mobilization Tool (Mizzou Tool) 
  • Seven Patents on Medical Devices 
  • University of Missouri’s Bio-Design and Bio-Innovation Fellowship Vanderbilt Medical School Dean’s Scholarship Recipient
  •  TA for Emory University Physiology Department 
  • Emory University Dean’s List 
  • Georgia Hope Scholarship Recipient