PROPEL® Sinus Stent

PROPEL for Sinus Relief

Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers Deal with Repeat Surgeries.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you’ve heard it all before: you need surgery. Then, a couple of years later, you feel the same as you did before. The cycle of misery never seems to end. Finally, there is a treatment option that can provide you with long-lasting relief.

PROPEL®: The Recurrent Chronic Sinusitis Treatment Option.

The PROPEL® sinus stent is an FDA-approved treatment option that is placed in the sinuses after surgery. It promotes healing and reduces the need for repeat surgeries by locally delivering a drug to the sinuses.¹ You might be a good candidate for PROPEL® if:

  • You suffer from ethmoid sinus issues
  • You suffer from frontal sinus issues
  • You suffer from maxillary sinus issues
  • You are 18 or older
  • You are not allergic to the drug used in PROPEL® or certain polymers

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Stop Treating Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms. Treat the Source.

Sinus surgery with PROPEL® is clinically proven to provide relief by targeting inflammation, the primary characteristic of chronic sinusitis.² See how PROPEL® works in three easy steps.


After sinus surgery,  PROPEL® is placed to help prop open the sinus.


PROPEL® delivers medicine directly to the sinus to reduce inflammation that could block the opening.


As the sinus heals open, PROPEL® is designed to dissolve within 45 days.

Can PROPEL® Treat my Chronic Sinusitis?

To see if you are a candidate for PROPEL®, a board-certified ENT doctor will need to complete a full exam, including medical history, physical exam, possibly a CT scan, and/or other imaging tests. Once a thorough exam has been completed, your ENT may recommend PROPEL® as a treatment option. The PROPEL® sinus stint comes with risks including pain/pressure, movement of the implant, drug interaction side effects, infection, and/or nosebleed.

With Ascentist Healthcare, you can decide if PROPEL® is the best option for your chronic sinusitis. It’s time to stop suffering and dreading repeat sinus surgeries. Schedule today and find out if PROPEL® can get you back to living your life.

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  1. Han JK, Marple BF, Smith TL et al. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2012 2:271-279.
  2. Forwith KD, Chandra RK, Yun PT, et al. ADVANCE: A multisite trial of bioabsorbable steroid-eluting sinus implants. Laryngoscope. 2011; 121:2473-2480.

The PROPEL® sinus implants are intended for use following sinus surgery to maintain the sinus openings and to locally deliver a drug to the sinuses: PROPEL® for use in the ethmoid sinus, PROPEL® Mini for use in the ethmoid sinus and frontal sinus opening and PROPEL® Contour for use in the frontal and maxillary sinus openings. The products are intended for use in patients ≥18 years of age. These products are not intended for people who are, allergic to the drug (MF) or to certain polymers. Safety and effectiveness of the implant in pregnant or nursing females have not been studied. Risks may include, but are not limited to, pain/pressure, movement of the implant (within or out of the sinus), possible side effects of the drug, infection, and nose bleed. For more information on the risks and benefits of PROPEL® sinus implants, please talk to your doctor. The FDA approved labeling can be found at Rx only.

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